why i’m switching to ebooks


Okay, calm down your cries of outrage right now. I know, I know – it’s practically a shunable offence to read ebooks over physical copies but, hey, guess what? Not all of us have an infinite amount of space to store books or an unlimited bank account and unfortunately the time has come for me to make some major sacrifices. *cries*

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fairwell may // monthly wrap up

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June is here, finally! In 4 days I’ll be done with my second year of uni and in just 11 I’ll be heading out to sun it up in Italy with two of my bestest pals. I’ll be relieved for summer to be here so I can focus on doing things I love and just ignore uni and the impending dark cloud of final year for a bit… *shudders*. Anyway, May has been a beautiful month so I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been up to

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3 reasons why you’re 100% *NOT* wasting doctors’ time

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Listen, I get it. I’m in and out of my local GP surgery a lot lately, between monthly antidepressant prescriptions, contraceptive injections and the general ups and downs of a student’s poor, poor health. Just today I made my latest visit and some thoughts I had whilst at the bus stop spurred this blog post into being.

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netflix recommendations: what i’ve been watching

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Netflix, Netflix, Netflix! Oh man, if I dedicated as much time as I do on Netflix to my degree I’d be sailing my way towards an exceptional first. Unfortunately, I just can’t tear myself away from the virtual, never-ending world of top-quality entertainment. And even better, I’ve nabbed myself a spot on the boyfriend’s family plan so I don’t even have to pay. (Score.)

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