an introduction

Hi there!

Introductions are always awkward, and this one most of all. I started this blog as a place to post my feelings on an abundance of topics; to write, to share, to discuss. Primarily I’ll be discussing a lot of book-related things here but I’ll also be touching on a lot of other things, such as movies, school, current affairs and so on. Anything I find interesting will find its home here.

In a way, it’s going to be like a diary. Except less of a ‘here’s what I’m doing today’ and more of a ‘this is what I think about ____’. You don’t have to keep up-to-date with this mayhem, of course (I’d be astounded if anyone managed it) but I’m here all along if you decide to stay.

So say hey, leave a comment and let me know what you think too! Let’s get discussions going.

(and also can we all ignore this awkward af introductory post because we all know how lame I am, and this is the lamest)

All the best!

– Jess, xo


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