my harry potter tattoo


‘Growing up Potter’ isn’t a phenomenon I shared in alone. I, alike many others, have thrived upon this series since a very young age and even now, as an eighteen year old on the brink of starting university and moving out for the first time, the Harry Potter series means as much to me now as it ever did. Maybe even more so, since I’m of an age now to be able to critique as well as read in astonished wonder. So naturally, when in want of a tattoo, I went to the first thing that meant a lot to me, that had always meant a lot to me: Harry Potter.

Ah, good old anxiety reared its ugly head to stop me having the courage to just walk into a tattoo parlour which is the reason I’m writing this now, at the end of May, rather than in February which was when I turned 18. I managed to get in touch with a few shops via Facebook but most wanted to charge me over the odds for the (admittedly tiny) tattoo that I wanted. So I stopped looking. I resigned myself to another year at least of an uninked body. Then—things changed. One recommendation from a friend later, I’d messaged a place who would do it for me for £15 in two weeks’ time. I was terrified.

Really, the lead-up to a tattoo is far worse than the actual, physical process of being inked. Mine lasted for all of five minutes and I’m happy to say it barely hurt at all! Not every one is so lucky, of course, but I think my luck was a mixture of good pain threshold and small tattoo. At the time I linked it to getting an injection which led to the funniest anecdotes from my tattooist and another artist in the shop: as it turns out, both of them, who were decked head to toe in tattoo art may I add, were deathly afraid of injections and needles from doctors.

Anyway, it happened! I have a tattoo now! It’s so small and minimalistic and simple and yet it holds so much personal meaning for me. I’ve had so many people remind me that “ink is for life” “you’ll have that when you’re 80” but you know what the thing is? That’s what I want. Even if I don’t like Harry Potter in the decades to come it won’t bother me at all because for over half my current life it has meant so much to me and, in all honesty, has helped shape me into the person I am today.

*squees some more over the fact I haVE A TATTOO OH MY GOD*

– jess, xo


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