new look, schedules and more posting

As I wrap my head back around this blog and start getting back on top of things, it’s hit me how poorly I’ve been organising my blog. Things are everywhere; the tags and categories I put with my posts make little sense. There’s no structure and no schedule I use to post and more and more this has begun to bother me. That’s why, if you visit my blog now, you’ll see a brand spanking new revamped theme — and guess what? I HAVE A PLAN OF ACTION FOR HOW TO RUN THIS SHIT.


Mon: Blog Post OR Music Monday (fortnightly)
Wed: Top 5 Wednesday
Fri: Blog Post
Sun: My Week In Photos

In addition to this there will be reviews posted at random times/days as I can’t plan these since I have no idea what my reading habits may be like at any given time. Typically they may fill Monday or Friday blog post spots but not exclusively as I want to use those spots for discussion posts mostly. Monthly Wrap-Ups will be posted as close to the 1st of the next month as I can manage.


For those who’ve been following me for a while, you may know I participate in the weekly blog feature Top 5 Wednesday, created by Lainey. It’s a fun little thing I love doing however it is no longer going to be the only feature on my blog… I have a bunch more planned! I’ve updated my old ‘other memes’ page (renamed as features) to include more info and links to these but below is just a quick little summary of what to expect.

  • Top 5 Wednesday (every Wednesday, duh) — create a list of and discuss my top 5 books for whatever that week’s topic is
  • Music Monday (every other Monday) —  a link-up project started by Bridget where playlists are created around that fortnight’s topic and shared
  • Monthly Wrap-Up (beginning of every month) — a little summary about life, music, and books to wrap-up the events of the month
  • The Week In Photos (every Sunday) — a new project I came up with in which I share a handful of photos that I’ve taken from that week, both HQ scenic things taken using my DSLR and crappy quality iPhone pics of my life
  • Unpublished, Unfiltered: Author Ramblings (whenever) — as an aspiring author I realised it would make sense to use this blog as a place to document my progress and discuss author-related things as well, which should be fun

– Jess, xo


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