so long july // monthly wrap up

I have no excuse. We all know I have literally no excuse as to why I am only just doing my July Wrap-Up post… at the end of August. Within a few days I’ll be getting together the things for my August one so it seems a little silly that I’m even bothering with this. I loved it so much in June though so I really do have to. It’s nice to have a good ol’ reminisce, after all, so I hope you join me as I recap books, music, tv, and life from July.


I had a very fun July in terms of books this year. I went on a bit of a book binge on account of starting my first job in the last week of the month. Knowing I would have money coming in soon, I even branched out enough to buy books full price from Waterstones as whilst I adore the store, it is far cheaper to buy books online in places like The Book Depository or Amazon.


I read five books this month! I suppose it’s kind of cheating to class them all as ‘books’ (even though they are) since Nick and Charlie by Alice Oseman is a novella and One by Sarah Crossan is incredibly short too, only taking me a matter of hours to finish. Still. I’m totally going to. On top of those two, I read The Kiss by Lucy Courtenay which was provided to me via NetGalley as an e-arc for me to review (the same goes for One) and the first two in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas: Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight. You can read my review of One here, The Kiss here, Throne of Glass here, and Crown of Midnight here. I didn’t review Nick and Charlie since I don’t like to give ratings etc to spin-off novellas like this but I did love it so so much and thought it was an adorable addition to the world of Solitaire.


So so many books this month! Seven in total which is practically unheard of for me and my tight wallet haha. I bought Nick and Charlie on my iBook account for £1.99 when Alice Oseman first announced she was releasing it since it isn’t available in physical format (though rest assured when it is I’ll be first in line for it). Also, I went on a Sarah J. Maas binge and picked up the whole Throne of Glass series so far as well as A Court of Thorns and Roses. I’d heard nothing but good things about Maas so thought it was about time I checked out her writing! In total, those four books came to about £15 as they were all quite cheap on The Book Depository. At the end of the month I also treated myself to We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach and The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle which were both on the ‘buy one get one half price’ offer at Waterstones.

july arcs

At the start of the month I applied to receive these two arcs and was accepted for both! From what I could gather from their plot summaries they both seem really interesting so I hope I get time to read them soon. Justice Buried by Hilary Thompson seems like a typical dystopian novel but there’s something that grasps at me and makes me want to read it as soon as possible. Nicola Yoon’s Everything, Everything is (from what I can gather) a coming of age and romance which I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall head over heels in love with.



The greatest thing happened in the second week of July: I found out I’d won x2 free tickets to the Hallam FM Summerlive show at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena on July 17th. Blown away at the fact I’d actually won something (?!!?!?!) I texted my best friend Grace (thatsecondstartotheright) immediately and told her to free up her Friday night because we had one hell of a plan. In 2014 I went to the show but hadn’t really planned on it this year because there were less acts I was bothered about seeing. The show and the acts were all amazing though! In fact, it felt very much like a throwback concert because there were so many artists performing who were big a few years ago such as Dappy and Taio Cruz. Still, The Vamps and Lawson were who we were most looking forward to seeing and they both blew it out of the water. It was such a good night, not least because our seats were upgraded to be a lot closer to the stage!


On the same day I met 2/4 of The Vamps outside the venue. This is James McVey and Tristan Evans and me. It was great to get to see them again and get photos this time but I am also still miffed that the closest I came to love of my life Connor Ball was a few people away. Why, god. Why did I not get to meet him?!?! At other points in the day I met Aston Merrygold who used to be in JLS too and several members of Stereo Kicks.

5 Seconds of Summer made an epic announcement about their next single which involved me watching a live stream of a man graffiti painting for 2hrs. This song and the lyrics and it’s all just SO GREAT I’m so proud of these boys every single day. Their next album is going to be epic, I’m so happy they’re growing into their fame now and beginning to produce tracks which are true to themselves.


On July 16th I went to the Leeds and Bradford stops on the Only The Young radio tour with Grace again and another friend, Ennah. They’re such a cute little bunch I’m happy they’ve been able to succeed after X Factor and I hope they go on to do amazing things. Their debut single I Do is so catchy and sweet, I think it makes a nice change from the typical sex sex sex all over the radio. I’m not really a fan of most of my pictures with them (for me purposes, not them) but I thought I should include them anyway!


Like last month, the tv/film bit is going to be something I bullet instead of paragraphing it all! The only thing is… I didn’t actually watch any films in July. I don’t understand how I went an entire month without watching anything but somehow, incomprehensibly, I did. Wow. Perhaps I made up for it in tv, then! Oh… urm… maybe… not? I didn’t start anything new this month but I did continue watching everything I did last month, if that’s anything to go by.

  • I’m still watching Teen Wolf this month and I honestly cannot get enough of Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, and Stiles Stilinski. How do I stop?! And I have a new found love for Liam Dunbar/Dylan Sprayberry now too—he is a literal puppy. An actual, human, live puppy. He is, I swear it.
  • Woahh, all I can say about My Mad Fat Diary is that it was the perfect conclusion to the show as a whole. There were so many curveballs and thrilling twists to the show I almost didn’t want it to end. It had to be done though and I’m thrilled at the way it went down. Better to stop whilst you’re ahead of the game, I always think.
  • The finale of The Syndicate was absolutely not something I was expecting. Although Amy’s kidnapper became obvious to me early on I thought the massive twist at the end was incredible. It rounded the series off in the best way.
  • I’m going to round Pretty Little Liars and Humans into one bullet point since I don’t have much to say about them. I’m thrilled with where Humans is going with its intricate and introspective plot and Pretty Little Liars is just building and building and building towards the Big A Reveal. TV is just so great at the minute!


Ahh I got a job this month, as I mentioned above and on twitter, which means I have money to spend on things!! There’s no greater feeling than financial security to be honest. The downside to this though is that it’s 40hrs a week for the rest of the summer holidays and, well, that makes it harder to blog. I think things went pretty well considering though!

I also went to the hospital for a few tests doing as I found a lump in my boob six/seven months ago. It’s all good no need to worry: I have two fibroadenomas in each boob which will need removing at some point. I had a fine needle aspiration in one of them though and literally half my boob was bruised afterwards. I’m sorry, this is definitely too much information but what can I say, it’s been part of my month hah!



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