url change and a new blog

Hi lovelies, I have no idea how you put up with all my constant changes with this site but here goes another announcement because….*drum roll* I HAVE A NEW BLOG! It’s very much still a work in progress but I hope to get it finished by tomorrow. I wanted to keep the focus on this blog as books and realised an ideal solution would be to just create 2 blogs. So that’s what I’ve done!

Chronic Cacti will now be a personal, lifestyle, and studyblr type blog whilst this bookish blog is revamped with a whole new name: PAPER UTOPIA! I’m honestly so excited about all of this and I’m glad that I will be able to solely focus on books here now without feeling guilty for wanting to write other style of posts too. My Twitter account and other social media will remain as chroniccacti for the sake of ease but you can find updates for both blogs on all of those things.

I’m excited! I hope you are too!



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