flash bulb motivation

I have this issue. It’s about my motivation and the way I work. It’s about how my mind immediately jumps to A Great Idea and doesn’t slow down enough to properly consider the implications, consequences, and so forth. It’s a case of my mind can’t keep up with the rest of me and all these amazing ideas I have, both for this blog and in real life, aren’t quite as great as I imagined they would be in the stark daylight of reality.

I need to focus. I need to really hone myself in.

This blog has been quiet for the past few weeks as I’ve battled full time work, exhaustion from lack of sleep, an insatiable feeling of time tick tick ticking away and, more recently, packing for university. I leave on Saturday which is being stressing and relieving! My last shift is tomorrow and from there on out I’ll be free to SLEEP and RELAX and… well, pack some more. And then unpack. And then go through the motions of trying to make friends in a new city. Like I said, I need to really focus.

This isn’t a goodbye post or even a hiatus post. This is merely a sorry-I’ve-been-so-busy-it’ll-be-back-to-normal soon post. And so, it might also be worth a mention that after recently switching to two blogs I will be returning to one. Focus, remember? I need to focus on one thing and one blog before I consider anything as grand as what I was trying to accomplish, especially given the current climate of my daily life. I’ve decided to stick with the name Paper Utopia and in due course my social media will change to match my new user, if it hasn’t already. Additionally, the blog Chronic Cacti will be shut down in the near future.

If you’d like to take a gander at the type of things I’ll be posting you can do so on my Categories page. I have no set schedule for when I will be posting about what category, it will primarily be on an ‘as and when I want’ basis. That being said, my provisional schedule for once I’ve settled down is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I’ll continue to post Top 5 Wednesdays and Sundays will see the return of The Week In Photos but with a new little twist. The rest, well, we’ll just have to see.

So this is my little (long) explanation. I’m dying my hair right now an I should probably go wash it off because it’s almost definitely been on too long now. Thanks for sticking with me in this crazy up and down little world, it means a lot *hugs*



3 thoughts on “flash bulb motivation

  1. Panda

    Good luck! And that’s going to be a little annoying, I only recently learnt how to say your username “chroniccacti”… Argh, I’ll have to live with it! 😛


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