so long september // monthly book review


Ahhh, another month has flown by! I have no idea where September went, if I’m honest. One minute it was August and now we’re three (yup, three!) whole days into the ~spooky scary~ month of October. Lots of things happened for me this September; a bunch of new milestones were thrown my way and as a result I got very, very busy. And then I started to stress about reading things for university and when I’m stressed I just… can’t read. So September really has not been a good reading month for me, but it has been good in a number of other ways!



Okay, yikes. I feel like such a failure as a book blogger to be admitting that I only read two books last month but it’s a reality. Thankfully though they were both 5 star excellent! Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne was a delightful delve into mental health and feminism in teens that I’m really glad I impulse bought. I finished it on September 5th after about a week reading it (*sigh* work) and loved every minute. Similarly, I completely adored The Next Together by Lauren James which I read over the next three days. It’s a reincarnation romance with a whole lot of awesome, sci-fi elements and an abundance of rom and com. Plus, some of the reincarnations are set in Nottingham which is pretty cool since it’s where I study now!

what i bought


In my last wrap-up you will have noticed the first three books in my new Harry Potter set but funnily enough the rest of the series didn’t arrive until early September, so they snuck in for this month instead! Right before I moved away for university Maximum Pop were kind enough to send me a copy of I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson which I’ll be reviewing for the site some time soon (once I finish reading it haha)! In addition, I bought a whole lot of books from my uni reading list; they’re not pictured for lack of space, aesthetic purposes, and also because they’re the (mostly) boring books I don’t really want to showcase. If anyone is interested in what my reading list contains though I could perhaps do an additional post at some point?

life happens

  • On the 17th I finished work ready in time to move and whilst it was a massive relief to be going and a big weight of my shoulders it was kind of sad at the same time. Even if I hadn’t spoken very much to anyone there, it still felt gutting to be going. Plus they bought me cake which was so lovely aw.
  • Then, two days later, I moved away from home for the first time to Nottingham! Although I didn’t have the greatest first night I’ve finally settled in now and things are drastically looking up. I hope I manage to form some solid friendships here, particularly on my course, but we’ll see.
  • I, um, did laundry for the first time too? Pretty momentous, let’s be real. It went better than expected and I didn’t ruin any of my clothes so win win all around as far as I can tell.



6 thoughts on “so long september // monthly book review

  1. Panda

    Haha, doing laundry is a good sign. I’ve just come home from a uni open day and got a free book for having travelled the furthest in the Creative Writing talk – haha. Unfortunately I missed the open days for Nottingham but the course I would’ve looked at looked good! πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cwreads

    Girlllll, your book photography is gorgeous!
    All the best in your new place. ❀ That's a pretty crazy step, but hearing from all my friends who have moved away, I think you'll find yourself and you'll have an awesome time. ❀


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