so long october // monthly wrap up



Yet again, here I am, with another late blog post. We’re closer to December now than we are October (woah, scary thought) but I can’t miss out this month no matter how many days into November we are. Partly, some of the tardiness of the wrap-up is due to my dissatisfaction with all of the photos I took. Seriously, I have three sets of ‘shoots’ for the same books on my sd card because no matter how many I took I just wasn’t pleased with them, and if I’m not happy then why should I share them with the world? Finally, though, I made it: below are my lovely photos and a little bit of a reinvention on my monthly wrap-up layout. Enjoy!







  • The Heroes of Olympus: Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan
  • Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins
  • Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
  • Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare
  • Silas Marner by George Eliot



Late September I moved away from home for the first time and as October breached I found myself finally becoming more comfortable with where I am. Now, it feels like I’ve never been anywhere else, and whilst there are some difficulties with certain things (*cough cough* specific flatmates) most of it has been plain sailing, including starting my degree in English with Creative Writing.

me and lauren james!!!IMG_1450

Thanks to taking two giant leaps of faith I met both the darling author of The Next Together, Lauren James, and one of my all time favourite feel-good bands, Scouting For Girls. It was truly a pleasure to speak to both, however briefly, and I really enjoyed the added elements to both events. The booktalk with Lauren James before she signed copies of her book was incredibly motivating for a young aspiring author like myself; and it was thrilling to see Scouting For Girls perform live for the first time ever amongst a crowd of no more than 20.


Autumn is finally here!! There is only one thing I love about this time of year and that is the beautiful colours. I think I live for the Autumn aesthetic (as does everybody else). Bonfire Night is one of my favourite times of year – I have no idea why – but I love the cosy feeling, and the hot chocolate, and the scarves and the jumpers. I hate being cold but Autumn is just beautiful.


Halloween topped off the last day of October. I spent the holiday on holiday (sort of) on a weekend away in Blackpool. The city, for those not from the UK, is famed for its illuminations at this time of year. As a child we would go a lot more often so it was really nostalgic to drive down the seafront under the lights once again. Also I dressed up a little (vaguely) which is a first.

How was your October?



3 thoughts on “so long october // monthly wrap up

  1. cwreads

    How did you find Beowulf? I’ve been wanting to pick up a ‘classic’, and Beowulf was one of my options (mostly because it seemed very short… haha)!

    First, your hair is really pretty! WOW. I was considering getting blonde tips done, but my natural black hair makes it very difficult. :c

    Also, I think that’s really cool (and brave!) that you moved out. Moving out isn’t really much of a norm here in New Zealand – with housing prices and rent being so ridiculous, it’s really hard for younger people to move out. Personally, I’m a little apprehensive about moving out – I do want to one day, but I’m 1) super close with my family, and 2) not making as much as I would like so moving out wouldn’t be an option now anyway. Dx How did you find it?

    To answer your question – my October was really nice! Despite my hours being cut, it was a month of conventions and trying new things and places. 🙂 A great October for me, imo. Glad to hear your October was eventful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica

      Beowulf is… complicated, and extremely long to read despite it being under 100 pages. then again I’m not someone who typically enjoys classics so I’m probably not the best judge!!

      oh woww thank you that’s so lovely! I’ve moved on from my blonde (well, yellowish colour) to non-permanent pink now though and I must say, if looks fab 😉 if you can get around it with your hair colour you absolutely should I’m sure it would look fantastic!!

      Moving out is a whole new experience I mean, it’s so daunting but then so exhilarating, both lonely and welcoming. Since I’ve only moved out for university there’s at least 7 weeks over the summer where I HAVE to go home because my tenancy doesn’t carry over but oh well! with you being so close to your family I bet it’ll be extra hard if/when the time finally comes 😦 don’t worry too much about it though!

      I’m so glad your October was lovely and that you got to try so many new things and live so many new experiences. It’s a shame about the working hours but if you’re overall take away from the month is one of positivity then that’s GREAT!

      thanks for the lovely comment and a nice little chat 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • cwreads

        Ohhh hmmmm okay! Mayyyybe I’ll save it for another day then. I know what you mean about classics being difficult to read though – it took me 3 months to get through Crime and Punishment! Dx

        OH I see the pink! It looks awesome! Well I recently dyed my hair burgundy and violet! So I’m thinking I’ll save blonde for when I return to study. c:

        Oh I see. Strangely, I can completely understand that! I think it’s a way for you to make your own way through things, and develop independence and confidence? I think it’ll be okay! I’ll probably move out to somewhere close my family so I can still see them often! (Hopefully, anyway!)

        Thank you! Looking on the brightside has been something I’ve had to teach myself, but it’s made me happier. ^_^

        Thank you too! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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