23-29 nov // weekly wrap up


It’s quarter to midnight on Sunday evening and I am sorry to say that I almost forgot about this. Again. I need to start using my bullet journal more often because I swear when I’m not using it properly I get so disorganised. I have a few days worth of dailies to catch up on unfortunately! I hate getting behind with it but my routine was sent into disarray by my visit home this weekend.

A funny thing happened to me this week. I actually.. begun… to get into the Christmas spirit. Me. I know. I don’t usually feel festive until I’m trying to fall asleep on Christmas Eve so to have put my decorations up this week has been pretty hilariously out of character. It’s not even December yet! I’m contemplating making a whole separate post about ‘Christmas decorations in uni halls’, my room looks great. I even picked up an actual real life tiny little Christmas tree from Tesco today for £3 it’s adorable and glittery and oh so cute.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I went home this weekend. Well, Thursday-Sunday. Going back is always such a weird feeling, especially since I’m such an independent person who likes to live on my own terms. Whilst I didn’t mind the company of my family I really do like the feeling of living away from them. It was lovely to be home, though, in such a familiar setting. And of course it meant I could have a bath (twice!) and a shower (only the once) in which I could actually move (my ‘shower’ at uni is the smallest thing known to man). More importantly (sorry Mum, sorry Dad) I got to see my friends over the week too! The few short hours with my bestie just weren’t long enough. I do love her dearly.

Anddd to top it all off on Saturday night I saw a band I’ve been waiting to see on tour since 2007: Scouting For Girls. Literally, I’ve been waiting for this moment for eight years now and it was as AMAZING and INSANE as I ever hoped it would be. I actually have seen Scouting For Girls live before, a few weeks back at their album signing, but the vibe just wasn’t the same and whilst I enjoyed that intimate little set with 20-or-so people the intensity of being in a crowd full of people, second row back, watching them do what they do best was astounding. Gigs, man. They’re too awesome.

That’s about it, if I’m honest. I managed two posts again tHINGS ARE LOOKING UP FOR THE BLOG. Well actually I have just missed this going up on a Sunday (from my timezone anyway) by 30 seconds. Eh, what can you do.

How was your week? Are you feeling the festive cheer yet or is there still a few weeks of bah-humbug left in you? If you don’t celebrate Christmas – what exciting plans do you have to look forward to as we reach the end of the year?



One thought on “23-29 nov // weekly wrap up

  1. cw @ readthinkponder

    The radio has started playing Christmas songs. On one hand, I want to get into the Christmas spirit (I love cute, festive, SHARETHELURVE holidays), but I have developed a distaste for Christmas songs. Last year it was all I heard on the radio, and I think it drove me a bit mad. On Christmas Eve, they played Snoopy’s Christmas three times and I think I went insane. SO MANY MIXED FEELINGS. 😥


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