So, earlier this month I saw a Secret Santa being advertised over on the Maximum Pop twitter page. I’ve always wanted to enter one so this seemed like the perfect opportunity – especially since it was book themed and we would be sending a book/bookish gifts to each other. Now that the Secret Santa present exchange is over and I’ve sent my parcel all the way up to Glasgow and received mine back I thought I’d make a little blog post to share the experience.


After receiving my giftee’s address and a list of their book preferences I set to work deciding on the perfect book to send them. I didn’t want to send something I hadn’t personally read in case it wasn’t good and I also didn’t want to send something that had a massive hype. See, the difficulty lied in hoping they didn’t already own the book. Since I didn’t know who I was sending my gift too it was a complete shot in the dark. Eventually I decided on The Next Together by Lauren James. Of course, this a book I adore and I hoped my giftee would too! I also sent a little Christmas card along with the present.

As it turned out they already owned the book, which is pretty unfortunate, but Kirsty – the girl who was lucky enough to have me as her Secret Santa (hah) – was appreciative all the same!


After arriving home for Christmas I got my own Secret Santa present. My Secret Santa was kind enough to include her twitter name in the card so I knew who to thank. I got The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth, something I’d never heard of before but am excited to read. And even more interesting is the pretty, flexible bookmark that came with the book too! It’s so beautiful and precious. If you read this Kirsty — thank you!


As a thank you for participating in their Secret Santa gift exchange, Maximum Pop also sent out their own little presents which was an incredible surprise! This morning I woke up to an ARC paperback of This Raging Light by Estelle Laure which is set to be released early 2016. I’m probably going to start it this afternoon because I’ve only heard great things about it and it sounds like it’ll be an incredible read.

The opportunity to participate in the 2015 #MPSecretSanta has been so fun – I can’t wait for next year’s!

Have you received anything exciting yet this holiday season? Would you ever participate in an bookish Secret Santa?



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