so long december // monthly wrap up


December has been an almost incredible reading month for me. Spurned on by the deadline of my Goodreads Reading Challenge (40, which I sadly did not achieve) and finally having a few weeks of peace from university I managed to get through a massive six books! Which is pretty astounding given how much of this reading was geared towards the end of the month. I barely read anything at the beginning! Regardless I’m over the moon with what I read, even more thrilled by what I bought/received, and am very eager to get stuck right into January’s TBR.





This year’s Christmas haul. I asked for all of them and received them all but I’m still over the moon. Especially with the illustrated edition of Harry Potter I think I’m in love with each and every page.


In December I participated in the Maximum Pop Secret Santa book exchange (read my full post about it) and received the first of these books from my lovely Santa Kirsty and the second from the adorable team at Maximum Pop who sent out ARCs of Estelle Laure’s debut for us to feast upon as a thank you for participating.


And finally, as a lovely little treat for myself, I splurged on some new books! There’s still a couple more I want to get (like the first two in The Raven Cycle series!) but I’m really happy to start some of these.


Unfortunately I don’t have a photograph available right now. If you might have guessed by my shoddy photos above I’m not at my university flat right now and thus I’ve had to make do with what I could. This year my Reading Goal has upped the ante to 60 so I need to read, and not stop reading, and then read some more if I (finally, finally) want to beat it. I’m aiming for another six this month, not including a few short plays I will have to read.




Lower Than Atlantis @ Leeds Beckett Students Union

At the beginning of the month I went to see Lower Than Atlantis with my best friend (well, more specifically, one of their support acts As It Is). It was one of the most chill (for us anyway) gigs I’ve been to in a long time. Even though it was standing, which I’ve decided now tires me too much, and even though I wasn’t a huge fan beforehand, all the bands that played that night absolutely killed it. Well worth the 6am start the next morning to get back to university for my 10am lecture!

I spent more time with friends in the run up to Christmas. Per tradition we went out for food and me and my two closest friends did a little gift exchange. I’m always terrified of getting presents wrong, or them not liking them. I hope I did get some things right this year! Bit of a gamble at times… I loved the gifts I got (inc. the two cactus-themed ones from one of my flatmates) but most of all just spending time with the people  I hold dearest.

A Christmas miracle! My cousin is having a baby in May and she asked me to be one of its three (yes three!) Godmothers. I’m thrilled and I had no idea something like this would make me so happy but it does. This little girl is going to be spoilt as hell. Aside from that surprise my Christmas day went off without a hitch. It wasn’t spectacular but it was nice and sometimes that can be enough.


A holiday (?) I did make the most of this year though was New Year’s Eve! Usually I have a boring, shit time either alone or with people I don’t like. It was so refreshing to spend it with my two closest friends (and two of my  siblings whom I was babysitting lmao). This picture isn’t 10/10 but I love them anyway.

Skinny Dip x Zara Martin Kitty Headphones

On an unrelated and I-just-want-to-brag note I bought some cute as hell headphones from Skinny Dip. They were quite pricey but I thought they’d be a nice treat. What I hate about normal headphones is how clunky they are but these are small and miniscule and oh-so adorable. They have kitty ears, I dare you to find better??

And yes… yes, I may have changed my graphic-style again. I decided to combine the best of both worlds. What do you think?

sign off 3


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