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Well, it has been a while, hasn’t it? I was in a bit of a state about a month ago and suffering from what I’m going to call ‘bloggers block’ – which isn’t to say I didn’t want to write because God did I ever, but I had neither the time or energy or mental thereabouts to get fingers onto keyboard and produce something half decent for you. For that, I apologise.

Then I was away for two weeks on holiday in Paphos, Cyprus. I meant to put a post up about my hiatus before I left but it completely slipped my mind. Some of you might’ve seen on Twitter anyway. It was a family holiday for my Aunty’s wedding and I got back yesterday; a lot of books were read over the course of the two weeks (six, and three left unfinished) so I can’t wait to get reviews up for them at some point!

You might have noticed a few new things around here. When I have blogging block coming back to my blog begins to feel like a chore, or I don’t think I’m good enough anymore, or I stare at my blog and think ‘God why isn’t it pretty enough’. So I changed my theme! Obviously. It’s quite different now isn’t it? A bit sleeker and more #professional which I quite like the look of. I’ve played around with a few other things here and there too, slightly changed the way I write reviews, and I have a new sign off graphic now. Nothing too fancy but I hope you like it all anyway.

For the next two months I’m afraid my posts are probably going to be quite sparse. In the lead up to deadlines at uni my time is running thinner and thinner and bearing in mind I have a job to commit to now too (I’ll get to that in a sec) it’s going to have to slow down a little round here. One a week at a minimum, maybe more if I can slot them in. Sorry!

Onto the job – I’m working for Maximum Pop! now on their Books team which means I’m getting to hear about and be a part of crazy stuff and I’m also more in the know now about current releases than I have ever been before. You’ll probably start to notice that, after a while, with what I’m reviewing! It’s a very surreal opportunity which I’m glad to get my teeth stuck into.



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