goodbye april // monthly wrap up

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Oh April, sweet sweet April… so good, and yet so cruel. I apologise for the lateness of this wrap up, but I’m afraid university deadlines were consuming me, and so was my TBR. I have really not had a good reading or blogging month, but when it comes to life… it’s been pretty exceptional.

books, glorious books

What I read:

Dare Me – Megan Abbott | The Fever – Megan Abbott | Soulmates – Holly Bourne | Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour – Morgan Matson | Kill the Boy Band – Goldy Moldavsky

blogging recap

I started the month with a book review for Asking For It by Louise O’Neill in which I talked about how important I felt it was to talk about rape in today’s society. I also wrote a little life update just to keep you all in the loop about why I’ve been so inactivity lately. Three weeks late, my March wrap up finally went live and right at the end of the month I squeezed in another review, this time for Kill the Boy Band which I’ve been dying to read for so long now.

top 3 posts:

1. An Update
2. Asking For It // book review
3. March // monthly wrap up

a little about life

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  • I started my third term back at uni which was a little daunting – deadlines were fast approaching and the looming realisation that my first year would soon be over was a lot to take in. As I write this wrap-up, only one exam to go!
  • Inevitably, after returning from my holiday, I got ill. Which always, always seems to happen to me. If I’m not ill on holiday then I get ill after my holiday. Clearly, my immune system is non-existent.
  • But what made my cold especially sucky was that I was now going to see 5 Seconds of Summer at Nottingham Arena WHILST ILL. After paying so much for the tickets (I surprised my friend with better seats for Christmas) and knowing it was going to be an insane show (as ever) I decided to take it all in my stride. And it was – insane, that is. 5SOS never disappoint.
  • Unfortunately seeing The Vamps 3 days later in Sheffield sort of… did. Which isn’t a comment on their talent at all but moreso on the fact I’ve seen pretty much the exact same setlist performed three years in a row now, and twice in the same arena. The energy just wasn’t quite there for me and I’m really sad about it because I love their second album!! I did get a really cute polaroid from the show, though.
  • And then the next week I did it all again. 4 concerts in 2 weeks! I spent an extended weekend with my very best friend seeing 5sos again at Manchester Arena, and then Troye Sivan in Birmingham the day after. It was a handful of days with very little sleep and very achy feet but worth every damn penny. Troye blew me away with crazy good he sounds live, and 5sos hit the roof with another awesome show. I sort of wish everyone hadn’t all toured at once but it did make me feel very adventurous and cool travelling around to see some of my faves perform live.
  • I took the plunge and bought a ticket for YA Shot 2016, so hopefully I see some of you there! I’ll be going alone so come say hi if you happen across me. It’s still a long while off yet but I’m so glad I’m finally going to go, especially considering I can’t be at YALC this year.

What happened with your month?



2 thoughts on “goodbye april // monthly wrap up

  1. Denise

    You had such an amazing month! You’re so so lucky to see Troye live. His voice is just breath-taking, so I bet it was a magical night. I know what you mean – deadlines can be so hectic, so often I’m too tired to blog/read. I hope to get back into the swing of things over the summer!

    Denise | The Bibliolater


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