how to read more

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Between uni, work, and blogging, I wouldn’t be surprised if you wondered how I manage to fit all my reading in. And you know what the funny thing is? I could do better. If I wanted to I could be reading at least 50% more than than what I currently am. So… burning question I know…. how do I do it?

1. Have designated reading time

For me this is 11pm onwards – until I get tired and want to go to sleep. Sometimes it’s only the hour but a lot of the time it extends towards 1am. Ever since I decided to have this designated reading time, instead of lying in bed watching crap on YouTube until the early hours, I’ve been flying through books. It’s also a great way to unwind before bed – no work, revision, or anything else to stress about. Just books books books.

2. Read in every spare moment

Bus journey to town? 20 minute car ride? It might not seem like a lot of time but if your commute to school/work is 10 minutes every day that adds up to 1hr40 extra reading time every week!

3. Listen to audiobooks

I don’t personally listen to audiobooks because I have trouble concentrating on things I can’t visualise (fun fact: I watch a lot of tv with the subtitles turned on) but they’re a really great way to rack up that ‘reading’ time too, especially since it’s hands free. Great for if you drive or take long walks!

4. Or how about ebooks?

I’ve heard some people say that ebooks slow them down but I find that I read a lot quicker when I’m reading digitally. For one thing, my arms don’t get tired, but the main perk for me is that the percentage score really spurs me on. For instance, if I’m 21% done with a book I’m probably going to push on and get to 25% before calling it a night, whereas with a normal book I just accept my fate and go to sleep.

5. Don’t be afraid to DNF

DNFing books is seen as this big scary thing in the book community but it’s totally uncalled for. I’m here to recommend that you don’t finish any of the books that make reading feel like a chore. It’s just not worth it, you know? Whilst it might seem like ‘time wasted’ it’s actually a bigger waste of your reading time reading something you just don’t enjoy. WHAT IS THE POINT?!

6. Invent a super-speed-reading machine

Why isn’t anybody on this already? Jeesh.



9 thoughts on “how to read more

  1. Shealea Iral

    I’ve tried reading during my travels and I just cannot do it! It makes me really dizzy. Even watching movies in a moving car sometimes ends with me having a major headache. It really sucks. But I definitely appreciate the other tips though! Thank you for this. 😊


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