goodbye june // monthly wrap up


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I am so on the ball with my wrap ups. Here we are, the beginning of July, and you can feast your eyes on all I got up to in June. From some glorious books to Cursed Child tickets (say WHATTT???) and delightful pancakes, here was my month:

books, glorious books

My favourite read of June has to be Carry On by Rainbow Rowell – I bloody loved it! You can read my chaotic ramblings on it in the book review I posted. As for what I’m looking forward to in July, I’m both excited and nervous for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script and Carrie Hope Fletcher’s fiction debut On the Other Side.

What I read:

Unbecoming – Jenny Downham | What’s A Girl Gotta Do? (The Spinster Trilogy #3) – Holly Bourne | If I Was Your Girl – Meredith Russo | Sing – Vivi Greene | Not If I See You First – Eric Lindstrom | Carry On – Rainbow Rowell | Trouble – Non Pratt

What I bought and was sent:

Girl Up – Laura Bates | The Museum of Heartbreak – Meg Leder | Trouble – Non Pratt | Sing – Vivi Greene | If I Was Your Girl – Meredith Russo | Unbecoming – Jenny Downham | What’s A Girl Gotta Do? (The Spinster Trilogy #3) – Holly Bourne | This Raging Light – Estelle Laure | Eden Summer – Liz Flanagan | The Witch’s Kiss – Katharine and Elizabeth Corr | Notes on Being Teenage – Rosalind Jana

blogging recap

Despite finishing my uni work on the 3rd of June, my blog posting didn’t speed up as quickly as I expected it to. I only posted five times this month which is rather appalling, especially considering four of them have been in the last two week period. If you haven’t noticed yet I’m taking up a 2-3 blog posts per week stance and so far so good. I’m sticking to it, so look forward to a really positive message here in July’s wrap up! This month I’ve been really trying to branch out more with what I post, like with the How to Read More thing I wrote, whilst also catching up and staying up-to-date with all my book reviews.

top 3 posts:

1. Mid-Year Book Freakout
2. May // monthly wrap up
3. How to Read More

a little about life

Celebrating the end of my first year with pancakes and fresh lemonade @ The Pudding Pantry
  • I finished my first year at uni!! I did it!! I finished?!?! I haven’t got my final grade back yet (I have 5/6ths of it back but I don’t want to get ahead of myself) but let’s say that I’m fairly certain I’ve done very well indeed, which makes me so so happy. I got my creative writing portfolio back, which is worth 33% of the grade, and when I saw I’d gotten a low first (by the scrape of my teeth, literally) I was giddy with joy. It was the first time all year that I’d gotten a mark in reflection to my writing, and now I feel so validated. Is that right? Wrong? Good or bad? I don’t know but I’m pretty happy. Now, if I only I can write a stellar novel to submit to some peeps…. oops.
  • Hosted by Waterstones Nottingham, I went to the MyKindaBookClub event and got to hear the wonderful Leila Sales, Harriet Reuter Hapgood, and Lisa Williamson speak about their books and life in general. I also went up and got my books signed by them afterwards which is always very cool. Harriet and I had some good psychological chatter about negative TBR associations haha.
  • We left the EU. Haha, I’m kinda very sad and upset and annoyed and scared but who knows what will happen next.
  • If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you might also not know that I bloody finally got Cursed Child tickets?!??!!?! I’m still a little bit in shock to be honest. HOW?!?! I’m going alone (sobs) on August 17th and I paid £100 (goddammit) but I’m so over the moon that my idiocy and stubbornness hasn’t stopped me from getting to see it.

What interesting shenanigans did you get up to this month?



3 thoughts on “goodbye june // monthly wrap up

  1. Ashleigh

    I can’t wait until What’s A Girl Gotta Do? comes out, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! You had a great reading month 😀 Also, you got Cursed Child tickets I’m so jealous!!! Really hope you have a good time!


  2. Zoe

    Congrats on getting through your first year of uni! That’s amazing! ❤ And I can't wait to see what you think of all these wonderful books. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤


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