the great book buying ban of 2016

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It has come to my attention recently that I have a bit of a problem. A bit of a bookish, book buying problem. Um, yeah.

The thing about being home from university for the summer, and living in a tiny box room with your sister, is that space comes at a premium and after a few months of book buying you realise… wow, I have bought a lot of books.

I came back from university with a select 20 books. Please bear in mind I left a tonne of books at uni – my two shelves there are crammed, the extra bookcase I bought is full, two and a half boxes under my bed and on top of my wardrobe are full of books. Anyway, the point is I now have 52 books in my bedroom. That’s 32 more than what I came home with and I will undoubtedly have no where to put them once I go back to uni.

Do you see my problem now?

So I’m placing myself on a buying ban. Officially. From today until the 25th of December I will not buy another book. Well, okay, I will because I seriously do not have that level of self-restraint but there are going to be some rules:

  1. I may only buy a maximum of 10 new books between now and the end date
  2. Books that are part of my uni reading list do not count
  3. Wherever possible I will try and loan a book from the library instead of outright buying it, and will reserve buying for beloved books or new releases

This book ban is both to help me try and save space but to also save me some cold, hard cash whilst trying to shorten my physical TBR. I have so many great books I want to read on my shelves but they keep getting pushed further and further down the line in the name of more recent releases and/or purchases. So I’d really like to get to some of them sometime soon.

And the library – gosh, as a child I used to visit every week, sometimes more than that! I’ve stopped going to my local library because I can’t apply for a new card without paying off my overdue fines. I’ve accrued at least £12 of debt, probably more, and I have no idea why I don’t just hand over the money except they don’t seem bothered by it. They never write me any letters, at any rate. I joined the Nottingham City libraries last year and aim to visit them a lot more once I’m back in the city, to curb my bookish lust.

Oh reader, I never thought I’d be the kind of person who needed a book buying ban, and yet here we are. Wish me luck.



24 thoughts on “the great book buying ban of 2016

  1. Ola

    I feel you… I’m currently also on a book buying ban. It all just went out of control, I was buying books without thinking about it, without checking what they’re about and if I’m truly interested in reading them. Good luck with your ban! We must be strong. Write to me when you’ll need some words of encouragement to stay on track with not buying 🙂

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  2. shaunkellett

    The wonderful thing about this, is I think it helps you appreciate the ones that you do end up buying. If a book is part of your limited 10, it obviously has to be deserving of a place in that list, which automatically means it’s that tiny bit more special 🙂

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  3. welcometomyTerriFiclife

    I think I have the same problem as you!! I am posting a book haul later on and as soon as I found your post I immediately realised my condition hahahah!!! I agree that books are the best thing ever!! And like you I don’t get the time to read them all! Maybe I’ll end up opening a library!! Haha Great post!!


  4. toyouwithlove

    It did this, it gave me a lot of time to read all the books I’d been buying over the last month or two before but then after a month I caved! I went into Waterstones and bought about 5 new books which I still haven’t picked up because I still have so many left to read. Best of luck with the book ban, hopefully you’ll last longer than I did! 🙂


  5. brunettegirl27

    Ehm… I’ve ordered 2 books two days ago and promised myself to not buying any other book until half september — I mean it’s not that long right? I just ordered TWO OTHER BOOKS, like 5 minutes ago!
    The problem with internet is that you can spend money on books just with a click, ONE SINGLE ONE and then there’s no going back. (Yes, I mean you could cancel the order before they’re shipping it but that’s not me) xD

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  6. Summer @ Xingsings

    I’ve tried book buying bans several times but they never really work for me. I just can’t resist discounted books, and I’m sort of a book snob when it comes to reading books from the library (the older copies tend to have weird smell and I can’t wait in line patiently for new releases, haha). Anyway, good luck with your goal, Jessica!


    • Jessica

      Haha, I must admit I can be a bit of a book snob too! I really hate the plastic covers library copies have… but I also hate spending £4-£8 on a book I might end up hating or DNFing, so I’m going to really strive to give libraries a proper go again, at least. But you’re right – no waiting around for new releases I’m dying for 😉 straight to Waterstones for that, thank you very much!

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