#001 // facts about me

IMG_2302 edit

Hi, my name is Jess.

I’m 20 years old, the daffodils are blooming and that makes me so happy, new lipsticks give me life, I drink lemonade on the regular, occasionally with a dash of vodka, garlic bread is a staple part of my diet, I’m so in love, my head has been a scary mix of up and down for months, I’m handling my mental health now like a grown up, my degree makes me nervous, I’m trying not to get overwhelmed, I spend more time in the doctor’s waiting room than ever before, one tattoo is not enough, I like my eyebrows, Harry Potter makes me feel whole, hot gooey brownies are orgasmic, I’m excited to head back to the world of blogging.

Format lovingly stolen from Grace.sign-off


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