netflix recommendations: what i’ve been watching

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Netflix, Netflix, Netflix! Oh man, if I dedicated as much time as I do on Netflix to my degree I’d be sailing my way towards an exceptional first. Unfortunately, I just can’t tear myself away from the virtual, never-ending world of top-quality entertainment. And even better, I’ve nabbed myself a spot on the boyfriend’s family plan so I don’t even have to pay. (Score.)

Easy is an anthology series set in Chicago, made up of eight half-hour long episodes with interweaving characters and an overarching exploration of (my faves) sex and relationships. It’s bitesize easy-watching that considers diverse stories, each individual and interesting in their own ways. Some episodes I didn’t particularly relate to or feel strongly about but the ones I loved, let me tell you, I LOVED. Vegan Cinderella, Controlada and Utopia (ft. hot sexy Orlando Bloom doing hot sexy things) are hands down my faves. Just discovered season 2 has been commissioned and I am all kinds of excite.

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As if the sexy times in Easy weren’t enough, I’ve also recently delved into the Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On documentary series which is partly produced by Rashida Jones. It explores all kinds of topics around the porn industry, from feminism to race to camming and porn recruitment. Truly enlightening TV. We all know there’s a lot of problems with porn but this series neither bashes it or gives it a free pass; it’s clever, thought-provoking and every episode will wet your interest. In particular I liked Women on Top which featured feminist porn creator Erika Lust, Owning It all about porn girl recruitment and how it can turn sour, and Money Shot which really brought to light for me the negative experiences of men, particularly black men, in the industry. If anyone has any recommendations for similar documentaries out there I’m definitely all ears…

“Dear white people: this show isn’t about you.” What. A. Tagline. As soon as I saw this ad on Twitter I just knew that Dear White People was going to be one hell of an excellent show – and I was not disappointed. It’s a satire, funny as hell but still painfully real and raw in every sense, highlighting the black experience in white society. I need a season 2 and I need it right now.

Also, much to my delight, season 2 of Sense8 dropped yesterday so I’ll be binge-watching that over the weekend. I hope it lives up to every success of the first season and continues to be disproportionately epic!

What have you been watching on Netflix recently? I need new show recommendations guys. I need them now.



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