(yet another) updated bullet journal set-up

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Me and my bullet journal have been through a lot over the years. We’ve even been through a lot in the recent months. From stylish to cramped and crowded, Moleskin to Leuchtturm, we’ve been on quite the journey.

Let’s just start with a little preface: HELLO fellow bullet journal enthusiasts and the curious folk keen to get started *waves*. This is the specific way I use my own bujo and it does not, in any way, mean the way you use yours is wrong or inferior or less awesome. The amazing thing about the way the bullet journal system works is that it is entirely self-tailored to your own needs and requirements. Me? I need something quick – nothing too extensive but still pretty cute. Minimalism is my love. How you want to style your bujo is completely up to you.

Back in 2015 I ventured into this world with my first bullet journal and it was… so not pretty. Or helpful in any way. Boy did I get caught up in the world of bujo bloggers and Instagrammers. My 2016 journal was a little more simplistic but still way off the mark. And now… phew, breathe of fresh air please. I’m finally really happy with what I’ve got going on.

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I use this tiny little softcover Leuchtturm1917 in black that my friends bought me for Christmas. Previously I was using the hardcovers, which are pretty nice and sturdy, but I’m actually in love with the way the softcover feels. It’s so much smaller and thus less intimidating. PLUS, I’ve never managed to fill a hardcover before so having less pages to go at is actually a massive plus for me.

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Like most users, I start with a monthly calendar page. I decided to jazz mine up a bit this month with this little floral doodle but other than that it’s pretty standard. I’ll carry forward any events/deadlines/birthdays/etc. from the overview calendar at the beginning of my journal and pen them into the full page month spread. I’ll also use this page to add in new events and such that pop up during the month which I can’t yet put in a weekly spread.

You might notice the sneaky little photobomb from my habit tracker page on the top pic there… yeah, let’s not talk about that little whoops. I’m so terrible at keeping up with it so I’m just not going to show it you. Sorry! Let’s hope June can set me on track.

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Now for my weekly spread. I do things a little differently from most bujo users in that this is ALL that I use. By that I mean – no daily spreads! I map the week out as so on a Sunday night, putting in the things I need to know, be at, remember and such from my calendar page and then I update it as the week goes along. With coming up to the end of the year at University I really don’t need to be doing an in-detail daily spread as I’m not really up to much (as you can see!). For me, minimalism is key.

I highlight a couple things on this page where necessary with my pastle mildliners (they are gorg). You can see my social (orange) and errands/assort (green) here. I forgot to highlight Thursday’s stuff (whoops) but blue is my blog colour if you’re interested.

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This is one of my most helpful spreads EVER. It’s a simple list of parcels I’m waiting on so when I’m going on a bit of a spending splurge I won’t ever forget if something goes missing and doesn’t turn up. Living in student halls isn’t always the most reliable way of getting your deliveries on time, after all.

I also thought I’d point out this cute little key I use at the bottom of some spreads. This is a lil arrow with a page number for where I’m continuing the spread from. In this case, I wrote my first ‘waiting on’ list on page 8 and, as you can see, I’ve started this new one on page 40. Even though they’re both listed on the index page at the start of the journal I think this is a big time saver and quick method for easily flipping back to pages when you need to.

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Guess what? I’m speed learning Italian! Thank you Duolingo, you life saver. I’m going away in just over two weeks to this beautiful country and I really want to know at least a little of the language before I’m there. Leaving it a bit late, I know, but the effort is there! I’m tracking my daily XP gained on the site here so I can see my progress and hopefully keep on track.

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Also, duhhh, I’m a university student and I need somewhere to keep track of things. Here’s my dissertation page for next year, with a quick overview of when my deadlines are, what I need to be doing, and how the module will be set up. It’s a nifty little thing. I’ll be doing similar pages for my modules next year too, reading list etc. so I can hopefully stay on top of things.

Here’s a few more bullet journal blog posts that I love. Definitely recommend you checking them out.

Do you use a bullet journal? Got any top tricks or cool little ways you’ve adapted yours to suit your needs? I wanna know! Let me know in the comments or tweet me (links below).


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