why i’m switching to ebooks


Okay, calm down your cries of outrage right now. I know, I know – it’s practically a shunable offence to read ebooks over physical copies but, hey, guess what? Not all of us have an infinite amount of space to store books or an unlimited bank account and unfortunately the time has come for me to make some major sacrifices. *cries*


It came about as a bit of a whim a few nights ago. I was laid in bed, thinking about how I’d be clearing out my uni flat at the end of the week and needed to get rid of some books. I’m moving out of where I’ve been living for the past two years and my room for my third (and final) year in Nottingham may potentially be smaller. Meaning: much less book space for meeee.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a seriously crazy number of books, as almost all bookworms seem to do. And I’m sure we can all agree that at least 60% of those will never ever be read again. So, I cleared out.

Here’s a pic of all the books I donated to charity on Friday, saving a few that I brought home for my little sister to read. There’s some much loved once-was faves in there but I know I’ll never read a Percy Jackson book again, no matter how dear to me they once were, and I’ve outgrown most of these.

Since I decided I wanted to try out ebooks more and cut down on the book buying, I’ve bought four whole books for about £6. FOUR. Madness. Utter madness. Why didn’t I start this sooner?! I’ve already finished the hilarious Sofia Khan is Not Obliged and have started making headway on its sequel, with Cell 7 and Moxie ready and waiting for after.

Of course, I couldn’t say okay to never buying a book again. I’m gonna do it, and I’m gonna buy a lot of beautiful books to decorate my precious bookshelves. The difference is I’ll only be buying books I love and will want to read again, having either already read them on ebook or via the library, or if they were written by an auto-buy author I crazy love and trust to write awesome book after awesome book. The perfect compromise, if you ask me.

Have you been drawn in by the love for ebooks or are you a firm believer in physical only? Let me know!


6 thoughts on “why i’m switching to ebooks

  1. Ceillie Simkiss

    I love ebooks for general reading – especially if I don’t know if I’m gonna love it. I decided a few years ago to only buy physical copies of books I’ve already read and will want to loan to other people. Of course, I cheat sometimes, but often they’re used books so it isn’t as expensive.

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    • Jessica Sophie Mellor

      Yeah, that’s pretty much my plan too! I still loveeee physical copies but if I’m never gonna read it again what’s the point? So I’m resolving to (hopefully) only buy physical when I know I already like it. Also a big fan of used books – charity shops are the loves of my life!! ❤

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  2. Bookmark Chronicles

    Totally understandable. I buy both physical and ebooks. If I get a notification from kindle that a popular book is on sale I’m going to buy it. I hate not having all books from a series in physical copy but its cheaper so………gotta do it


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