3 reasons why you’re 100% *NOT* wasting doctors’ time

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Listen, I get it. I’m in and out of my local GP surgery a lot lately, between monthly antidepressant prescriptions, contraceptive injections and the general ups and downs of a student’s poor, poor health. Just today I made my latest visit and some thoughts I had whilst at the bus stop spurred this blog post into being.

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mental health awareness week // book recs

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As you may or may not be aware, this week (16-22 May) is mental health awareness week and I want to take the time to go over a few recs I have for YA books which handle mental health issues really well. It’s so so important to get the info out there and a) help people be more aware of these issues in general and b) learn that they don’t define a person. YA literature is already so good at standing up and raising awareness for many mental health issues and I can’t wait to see it grow and expand in the coming years.

Since the theme for this year’s awareness week is mental health and relationships, I’m going to be focusing my recs on that!

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