(yet another) updated bullet journal set-up

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Me and my bullet journal have been through a lot over the years. We’ve even been through a lot in the recent months. From stylish to cramped and crowded, Moleskin to Leuchtturm, we’ve been on quite the journey.

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fairwell april // monthly wrap up

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New blog, new me. Welcome to my first wrap up since AUGUST 2016, whaaat?! I actually kinda love doing these but, as with the rest of my blog, things just fell apart before. Well, I’m back with a bang and so are these wonderful monthly wrap-ups. So strap yourself in, buckle up and prepare for a list of EVERYTHING I LOVED IN APRIL.

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I’ve finished my first year at uni…. whaattt?!

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It feels like only weeks ago I was gearing myself up ready to move away from home for the first time, writing posts like Moving Away and Goals for Uni, and dreading having to make new friends, being alone in a new city, starting the step up to degree level that I didn’t think I was ready for… There have definitely been some ups and downs.

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first term over


Hello from the other side. That’s right, I have finally and officially finished my first term at university! Let me tell you, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotion. There’s been times where I’ve thought I’d never meet a single person to call a friend and others when I was practically going insane from the stress of workload. Seriously, it’s a wonder I made it this far. And even though there were many blank, mini hiatuses on this blog during the time since I’ve started I’m finally happy to have a month off in which I can catch up with writing, reading, and most importantly relaxation.

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23-29 nov // weekly wrap up


It’s quarter to midnight on Sunday evening and I am sorry to say that I almost forgot about this. Again. I need to start using my bullet journal more often because I swear when I’m not using it properly I get so disorganised. I have a few days worth of dailies to catch up on unfortunately! I hate getting behind with it but my routine was sent into disarray by my visit home this weekend.

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first term of university reading


Recently I received a question on here about my thoughts on Beowulf and it got me thinking… for a book blog, I haven’t really been talking much about the books I’m reading for my degree. Which is odd. This is perhaps because I don’t strictly enjoy reading literary fiction – in fact, I often detest it. It’s almost not fair for me to talk about my thoughts on the books I’ve read so far purely because of my bias. I’m really not a fan of classics and whilst I appreciate them for their literary merit I think, all in all, I’ve read more enjoyable and nourishing things in contemporary young adult.

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so long october // monthly wrap up



Yet again, here I am, with another late blog post. We’re closer to December now than we are October (woah, scary thought) but I can’t miss out this month no matter how many days into November we are. Partly, some of the tardiness of the wrap-up is due to my dissatisfaction with all of the photos I took. Seriously, I have three sets of ‘shoots’ for the same books on my sd card because no matter how many I took I just wasn’t pleased with them, and if I’m not happy then why should I share them with the world? Finally, though, I made it: below are my lovely photos and a little bit of a reinvention on my monthly wrap-up layout. Enjoy!

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